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The progressive left’s crusade to normalize pathology shows no signs of slowing down and calls for the next James Bond to be non-binary.

The idea is natural ridiculous because James Bond is “fiction” and non-binary is “fantasy”. They are different genres and should not be mixed up.

Still, film producer Barbara Broccoli – who with her half-brother is in control of the binding Franchise – told the Girl in the movie Podcast last week that a non-binary 007 could not be ruled out.

‘Who knows?’ Broccoli said in response to suggestions that the world’s most famous macho might change his pronoun to “she / she” after Daniel Craig retired from the role.

“I mean, I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor, ”she said.

If that’s true, then the smart money is on one of Pee-Wee Herman or RuPaul who will play the next James Bond.

The plot of the film will likely revolve around Bond – who changed his code name from 007 to LGB – and taking his archenemy to a non-denominational deradicalization therapy session.

All hell breaks loose when Bond’s Tesla runs out of charge while going to the toilet because it took Bond so long to decide which bathroom to use.

In all the confusion, Bond’s archenemy addresses him with the wrong pronoun, leading to an emotionally charged climax in which our hero – clutching a comforting animal and speaking directly into the camera – explains the theory of gender.

That would be the first binding Movie where the audience was for the bad guy!

If Hollywood decides to neutralize Ian Fleming’s famous spy, it will be yet another misinterpretation by the public that has repeatedly shown it will not support popular franchises that suddenly go weird.

Think about restarting Ghost hunters with an all-female cast? No? Nobody else either. It lost $ 70 million at the box office.

Terminator: Dark Fate was awakened in a feminist action film that nobody cared about – the same with Karl Engel.

The addition of transgender jedis hasn’t improved war of starswhile a gay wedding couldn’t be saved Star Trek Discovery – All of this is forgotten faster than Jussie Smollett can say “Subway”.

Woke Hollywood is an industry minority trying to serve a political minority in an industry that relies on the masses.

And yet the awakened insist that everything must be adjusted to their nihilistic worldview at all costs.

Without any creativity, they attack every institution. Whether church, media, education or art – woke hollowed it out from the inside until nothing was left.

It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood executives scratch their heads wondering why my teenage sons don’t rush to the theaters to see it The Fast and the Furious (in hybrid midsize Prius sedans).

James Bond has always been a straight, white man. His “lady” attitude is part of the appeal.

Going entirely non-binary on James Bond would not mean reinventing the character, but rather destroying it – which is the real agenda of the progressive left.

One thing is certain, the response to a non-binary 007 would itself be non-binary. Nobody would love it and nobody would hate it. We’d all just ignore it.

You could name the movie James Bomb as it would be like that at the box office.

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