Biden targets Trump’s rosy assessment of the latest job report



In a speech on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden beat President Trump celebration the latest job report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which exceeded expectations with 4.8 million jobs created in June, and urged it to stop reducing the severity of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


“It all comes back. It comes back faster, bigger and better than we ever thought possible,” said Trump on Thursday morning about the job report.

However, Biden noted that 15 million Americans are still unemployed amid the crisis, arguing “there is no victory to celebrate”.

“Today’s report is positive news and I’m grateful for it,” said Biden, “but make no mistake, we’re still in a deep, deep work hole because Donald Trump screwed up the coronavirus response so badly. “

Focusing his remarks on low-income Americans – “anyone who doesn’t own stocks, who can’t get the Treasury loan through connections” – Biden asked, “Does this feel like a victory?” Claiming that many of those in the latest report The jobs that were regained were people on temporary vacation, which he described as “the easiest jobs to get back”.

Biden also drew attention to the fact that Trump failed to mention the coronavirus in his comments on the job report, even though the US hit a record 50,000 new cases On Wednesday.

“Trump wants to declare his health crisis over and solve unemployment. Unfortunately, he’s completely wrong on both fronts, ”said Biden.

What to look out for

Biden noted that the job report only covers job growth through June 12. “Since then,” he said, “we have seen cases across the country. Some shops have closed again. Some states are reintroducing restrictions. “In the past two weeks, he claimed,” We have seen nearly 3 million new jobless claims and another 1.7 million people applying for pandemic unemployment insurance. “

Big number

43%. Biden was Shut down his survey gap on Trump on who would handle the economy better. One recently Politico / Morning Consult survey had them bound, 43% to 43%, while a USA Today / Suffolk University University survey Trump only gained 2 points compared to double-digit leads for Trump in April and May.

Crucial quote

“Stop hoping for the best Mr. President,” Biden concluded. “Stop claiming victory while nearly 15 million Americans are still unemployed because of the crisis. Stop ignoring the reality of this pandemic and the appalling loss of Americans. Or get out of the way so others can. “

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