BC3 Open House to Highlight Community College Benefits |

Prospective students can learn about BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing’s career and transfer programs, the transferability of its credits, and its affordability during a fall open house on November 15.

The BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing Open House is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 2849 W. State St. The school waives the $25 registration fee for prospective students applying for the open house. Prospective students can respond at apply.BC3.edu/open-house.

Guests attending the BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing Open House can also learn about classroom formats, support services, and student activities; Tour classrooms and facilities, and explore financial support and tuition opportunities.

BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing offers associate degrees in nine career programs that allow students to develop the skills needed for immediate entry into the workforce upon graduation. It also offers 10 transfer programs and two certificates that take a year or less to complete.

The two-year career programs at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing include Accounting, Business Administration, Emergency Medical Services-Police Service Option, Health Sciences, Human Resources Management, Physician Assistant, Office Administration-Executive, Office Administration-Medical and Technical Occupations-Cosmetology Management Option.

BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing’s menu of two-year transfer programs includes Business Studies, Criminology, Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4), General Studies, History, Physical Education – Sports Management Option, Psychology, Secondary Education – English Concentration, Secondary Education – Social Sciences Concentration, and Social Work.

About 60 percent of BC3 students are enrolled in transfer programs this fall, according to Sharla Anke, associate dean of institutional research and planning at BC3.

Medical Assistant and Medical Coding and Billing Specialist certificate programs are also available for selection at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing.

BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing students can apply credits earned toward a bachelor’s degree at public, private, and four-year online colleges and universities.

Students completing a BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing degree in Business Administration, Criminology, Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4), History, Psychology, and Social Work may progress all credits to a concurrent program and, with junior status, to any public four-year program in Pennsylvania transferred institution.

Students completing a BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing degree in Business Administration, Criminology, General Studies and Psychology may transfer all credits to a parallel program on any Penn State University campus.


Students who attend a community college in their first two years can save an estimated $20,000 on college education costs, according to the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges.

Tuition and fees for classroom teaching this fall for Lawrence County BC3 students are $280 per credit.

Nearly 60 percent of the BC3 Class of 2022 graduated with no debt, while one in five BC3 Class of 2022 graduates was aged 30 or older.

MaryAnn Henley, 66, of Edinburgh, enrolled at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing during a 12-year career as a paraprofessional in the Mohawk Area School District because she said, “Taking psychology would help me learn more about the kids and me help make my job better.”

Henley is a 1974 graduate of Union Area High School, a mother of children ages 32, 29, and 27, and a cancer survivor who expects to earn an associate’s degree in psychology from BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing in December.

“It’s a small college,” Henley said. “BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing is basically in my backyard. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with something big. And I was like, ‘Give back to the community and go to community college.’”


Henley enrolled at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing on the advice of her youngest son Andrew. She has also taken courses at BC3 @ LindenPointe and at BC3 @ Cranberry.

“When I’ve been to Hermitage, Cranberry Township and BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing, I’ve been very happy with the instructors,” Henley said. “There are smaller classes. You get more attention. I had problems in some classes and the teachers were kind enough to help me with it. And I see that they do the same with the other students.”

Henley said she also sees students she met in Mohawk at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing.

“It was really fun for me to be older,” she said. “And I think it’s great that these kids are going (to BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing). When you first go to college you think you know what you want to be and then you start pursuing it. And then, a year or two later, you switch majors. Well, with BC3 you can get all your core studies out of the way. And you learn what college life is like.”

Henley agrees with the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges on how students can save on the cost of college education.

“Community colleges are more affordable,” she said. “A community college can get you started, and you don’t get into so much debt if you find what you’re studying isn’t what you want.”

Henley expects to complete her nearly nine-year quest for an associate degree in December.

“I’m really lucky that my son made me want to go to BC3,” she said, “and I can’t wait to graduate and say, ‘I made it.'”

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