Bates Foundation trains 250 trauma healing consultants

An America-based Liberian currently in the country who owns and operates a non-profit organization called the Bates Foundation trained about 250 trauma healing counselors during a three-day seminar in Liberia.

The seminar aims to adequately expand the knowledge of pastors, teachers, church leaders and social workers to become Trainers of Trainers (ToT) in the field of trauma healing.

The training brought together around 250 people from churches, schools, counseling centers and home offices for disadvantaged young people.

The initiative aims to build the capacity of trauma counselors to help trauma victims in Liberia feel in control of their lives.

“Those ready to leave such a devastating life behind will be given post-training support in any direction they wish to go,” said the executive director.

Charles Bates, a passionate Liberian, said he feels disturbed to see him sleeping in some of the country’s best resorts when he is in Liberia and to see Liberians playing Greave tunes in because of bad substances they inhale knock the sleep, which is troublesome for Liberia’s future.

“If this continues, it means we have no future. We must all rise to the opportunity to combat this growing threat that is eating away at our nation’s future,” he said.

He said the problem of disadvantaged youth must be tackled holistically.

Bates stressed why it is a glaring fact that the government is taking a great responsibility to restore the hopes and aspirations of these people, he claimed that even for individual Liberians it is comparable to the fear of helping Liberia’s drug problem not become a pandemic.

He noted that the drug addiction problem permeating society poses serious health and social challenges for Liberia.

The training is conducted under the auspices of the Bate Foundation, a Liberia-based institution committed to making Liberia and the world at large a better, trauma-free place.

Bates urges Liberians to help in any way they can to be a part of the country’s paradigm shift, particularly in addressing the traumatic conditions of some Liberians.

He said the passion to extend a helping hand is a reputation the foundation cannot let down.

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