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Offer all-round support in the field of mental health with innovative digital solutions

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – December 8, 2021 – As a leading provider of employee benefits, AXA Hong Kong (AXA) is continuously improving its services to working people with the aim of protecting all aspects of their physical and mental well-being. To improve mental health support and provide more accessible services and treatments to all policyholders and their families, AXA is introducing two new services to its insurance customers in Hong Kong[1] today. These include a exclusive mind health network Consisting of resident doctors (general practitioners) with psychological training, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists as well as an innovative digital psychological consulting platform from a single source called Spirit healer on Emma by AXA mobile app.

Exclusive mind health network for professional and tailor-made advice

AXA recognizes that the search for suitable and reliable mental health specialists can create additional burdens for people with psychological distress. To alleviate this situation, AXA has compiled the most comprehensive list of healthcare professionals on the market, ranging from general practitioners with psychological qualifications to certified psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in 27 locations across Hong Kong to provide professional counseling services. In the future, more mental health experts will be invited to join the network. The network list is available to the insured employees and members of the AXA employee benefits insurance at any time1 via platforms such as the Employee Benefits Portal and the Emma by AXA app, which significantly improves the accessibility of counseling services on mental health for those in need. In addition, the insured and their relatives are entitled to psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling, which are currently offered by the specialists of AXA’s exclusive mind health network[2].

Mind Healer – one-stop online counseling platform for instant mental health assessment and support

Easily available support is essential to maintaining a healthy mind. In order to support insured persons on the way to restoring mental health and to holistic well-being, AXA is launching Mind Healer on Emma by AXA to help insured persons of AXA employee benefits1 who suffer from stress or negative emotions. In collaboration with TheraTalk, Hong Kong’s first technology-based provider of psychological services, the mental status of the user can be assessed by Mind Healer. After completing a simple assessment, the user is assigned a consultant for online text advice, depending on the assessment result. Starting today, all insured employees will be offered an exclusive 5-day free trial of Mind Healer on Emma by AXA during the 30-day trial period. After the test phase, employees can subscribe to Mind Healer’s paid services to continue using the platform.[3]

Further information on the new services from AXA Employee Benefits can be found at:

[1] Only applies to designated AXA Employee Benefits insurance in Hong Kong.

[2] The additional payment for mental health counseling differs from that for general practitioner or specialist (SP) counseling in the network. The benefit is based on the entitlement of each member under GP and SP. Members will be informed of the fees when they make an appointment or register.

[3] The corresponding terms and conditions apply

About AXA Hong Kong and Macau

AXA Hong Kong and Macau is a member of the AXA Group, a leading global insurer with presence in 54 markets and 105 million customers worldwide. Our goal is to act for human progress by protecting what is important.

As one of the most diversified insurers offering integrated solutions for life, health and non-life insurance, our goal is to be the insurance and holistic wellness partner for the individuals, companies and communities we serve.

At the heart of our service commitment are continuous product innovations and the enrichment of the customer experience, which are achieved through active listening to our customers and the use of technology and digital transformation.

We take our responsibility seriously to be a force for good in order to create common value for our community. We pride ourselves on being the first insurer in Hong Kong and Macau to address critical mental health needs through a variety of products and services. The Mind Charger function of our holistic wellness platform “AXA BetterMe”, which is available via our Emma by AXA mobile app, is not only available to our customers, but to the entire community. We will continue to promote social progress through our product offerings and community investments to support the sustainable development of Hong Kong and Macau.



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