Adapted surfing, horse therapy and music therapy: free activities for children with cerebral palsy

Group activities with more places available this year / Sur

The association “Mis metas porti” starts a new round of the project “For everyone” with more places available

The association “Mis metas porti” launches a new round of one of its very special projects, “For everyone”, a program of activities for children with cerebral palsy that will take place this year in Malaga municipalities, including Cártama and Torremolinos.

The initiative, which started in 2020, will make additional places available this year. Up to 20 children per activity are allowed in the program, which includes adapted surfing, equine therapy, music therapy and occupational therapy.

The association was founded in 2017 to make cerebral palsy in childhood visible. The “For All” project is open to boys and girls aged six to twelve with an annual donation of 36 euros.

The registration phase is now open. Families must commit to attending all sessions of their chosen activities. If three are missed, registration will be cancelled.

With 20 students per activity, five different sports and workshops will be held this year, including adapted surfing and skateboarding with “La mar de bien” in a group and horse therapy sessions at the La Fe de Cártama equestrian center. All group activities take place on a Saturday each month.

The “To en casa” team conducts music therapy sessions. The activity takes place outdoors “when the weather permits and online when that is not possible”. Ergotherapy is individual and possible by appointment.

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