A Feel Good Friday Thank you for a “kind, inspiring person” who has helped his community

Today we thank a young man in our ward who has done a lot for others. We recently received a message through Fernando. Part of it said:

Fernando is one of the most kind hearted and inspiring people I know. You will always catch him with a big smile on his face and his everyday, casual kindnesses are unheard of. He will always stop doing to help others. Whether he’s helping older people load groceries into their cars, letting someone drive in front of them in a shop, smiling at strangers, giving food or money to the homeless, or just paying for the food for the person behind them when they drive through – he pays it always forward.

Last summer he organized an event where he helped bring over 500 people in Idaho Falls to speak with city guides about racism and racial equality. What a true inspiration for a 22 year old.

In 2018 he started a fundraiser to help children who needed hearing aids. He raised over $ 5,000 and had over 20 hearing aids donated. The money and donations were donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, where it was used for the hard of hearing. Not only that, it also revealed that insurance companies should financially support hearing aids. Eight months later, the Idaho House business committee approved a rule change requiring insurers to purchase hearing aids and speech therapy sessions for deaf or hard of hearing children in Idaho. Once again it was all because he wanted to help. That was his only motive.

From all of these things he has benefited nothing except knowing that he is able to change someone’s life and for him he said, “That is the greatest reward”. It shows what kind of guy he is. He always gives and gives and never seeks recognition for anything he does for others, but for once I want him to be someone who is recognized and recognized for all of his kind gestures and the great differences that he has had in many lives .

We decided to thank Fernando for the great influence he has in our community, but we had to be creative to surprise him. Check out the video above to see how it went!

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